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  • Rebecca Rockefeller

Kinship with an Old Orange

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

My youngest daughter

is eating an orange

and wrestling

with her high school lit assignment

to write a poem based on a list

of 10 objects around her.

The objects are the easy part

since our dining room table

is her pandemic desk

school-issue Chromebook

between baskets of spring eggs

from our hens

my collection of green glass

holding candles

sliding boxes of wooden matches


and a flat oval tray of citrus



a lemon

gifts from my mother's last trip

to Costco.

My daughter moves to the couch

when I start dinner

then she remembers something

and calls out,

are you eating that old orange?

the one I started to peel? oh, please do not eat that old orange!

it looked juicy

but inside it had started to dry out

and just looking at it made me sad.

Hello, my sister,

I say to the orange,

I know you

we are


in this


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